Well people do many types of business in order to take a place in the business world. Some love to do their own business, but some love to work with or under someone. But there are people who work as the middle men to the both parties. If a company manufactures products, then as a store owner you sell them. The middle man’s job is to import the particular products to the country or export the products to another country. So it is not something even easy to say. Ther’s a lot of legal work to be done. Such as before importing or exporting, the quality and all other necessities should be checked before they send out. It is not the middle man’s job but the manufacturers. And also the one who sell items, the owner of the store also should be able to have the responsibility of selling them to the customers. 

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Importing and exporting is a very interesting job to deal with. And also a risky one. Because you have to take care of the things that you have to send out which means you have to aware of the freight forwarder liability insurance in order to do the business successfully without failing. Also the next thing is you have to be aware of the way you have to earn too. When you’re doing the service you are getting paid for what you have done. But you’ll be provided with a commission as well. Well if you ate working under the middle men, they you are excused only for the service.

And also, when you are exporting the good, its better if you have a nice cargo insurance company as to you don’t have to worry about whether the packages are reaching the destination or what, if something happen to it, the it’s somewhat okay as there is an insurance intact for the job. And also the other thing is, when you are the middle man, you have to know that what the things inside the cargos and all are. So then you can be store them in right places weather it is imported or exported via air, or see or land. And it is very important for the safety of the said good as well. So you would have to hire the professional who can do these heavy work as if someone who doesn’t know things involved, it is dangerous to them as well.

So that as a business man even though you are doing the middle work, you have a responsibility to transfer the good to their owner’s safety, then only the trust toward your service get increased.